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Welcome To My Den!

Secularist Thinking

* What is Free-Thinking?

Born with a human body and natural emotions is effortless though to live a meaningful life need much impartial thinking. We see a lot of human being who do not want to think or to be open-minded (I am not accusing you or anybody) but live their life perfectly from above. In this respect, I say, we have only one life to lead on. Therefore, we must think properly and have some knowledge gained before we die. We also have a great responsibility to find the right way for our future generations. Properly thinking means thinking independently without joining into any party before the result of those thinking supports that party. Thinking properly means thinking aside emotions; that is - not to think emotionally. Thinking properly also means not to fear anybody or anything while come to think (or before or after). Your thinking must be devoid of future expectations as well.

*I am a Secularist, because -

I think every human being has the right to have equal freedom of speech, which our current trends are not able to provide. No social environment in anywhere of this world so far was able to nourish our right of free thinking sustainably, whereas from the beginning of Human rull it is the power of free thinking that gave us the logical and scientific knowledge to cope with all hostile situations. In this earth where every decision for the benefit of Human being and of the entire living beings must be made by Human themselves, instead we are taking most of our important decisions (of social, political, environmental and habitual forms) according to some obsolete religious rules, which we couldn't even change (!) with the variation of the situation or in any entirely different situation!


Are we not yet able to take all our decisions by ourselves? Are we not grown-ups? Billions of Human beings in this planet still led their life very much relying upon one or the other religion. They put all their faith in religion and are afraid to think with a new ideology. Ability to think freely is the sixth sense, which no other living being possesses and this is what made us superior to them. The whole world is progressing like a hard of sheep, where religious leaders, who themselves are blind (We may remember the story of the seven blind men who touched an elephant to feel how it's like ....) are leading with their twisted intuitions. In this way no real progress can be achieved.


What is happening from the beginning of Human social development to until now is - general people are being used as the base of the economic survival of a country or a group of people, where in the whole process they do not have their own ideas to reflect. Religion goes along with this suppression (not allowing to think freely surely is suppression), therefore, all kinds of leaders accept religions to be as safe (!) feeders to the grass-root Human population. What kind of civil society is this? Just imagine billions of dollars we are throwing away in the name of religious culture. In the third world countries, where most human beings are unable to live even in a hut, do not have proper employment, do not have access to bare necessities, God's Houses are flourishing in front of their noses and not surprisingly all are built with bricks and cements! Millions of religious leaders employed there are totally devoid of scientific knowledge; even they hate science for the sake of their existence. They are persuading grass-root people not to put importance into science, most of them do not have any other work to do other than to recite the same Verses from their "Holy Book" one to several times a day. Where there are charity or primary school or other kinds of practical help for human beings, those are offered with the view to attracting helpless human beings into their own faith.


The situation becomes worse when some of the religious leaders adhere to politics. They become unstoppable with any law, these "enlightened Leaders" virtually possess the power to do anything possible, can call for Jihad (so called Holy War to save the religion) and can eliminate anybody or anti-party within their path. Where they get this kind of power? All the Brainwashed grass-root people persuaded to believe in a book, protect their so-called Expeditors/ leaders from all possible obstacles. How people are being persuaded? Firstly, grass-root human beings who are economically needy and therefore most vulnerable, are invited to general religious activities in various ways (besides inherence from their parents, often idleness in thinking properly or hatred becomes the main key), then they are taught why other religions are fake and thus are inferior to their own in this earth and to God (understanding the habitual fact that all human beings want to be right and superior in their actions, whether they can flourish their associated behavior or not). A book of that religion, which is written very vaguely and in a very cunning way, often with the promise to fulfill all humane lusts (for sex-money-power-happiness-success), where any verse or story may give rise to different meanings to people of different ideology and situation, is fed to that population and are always explained in a appealing/ favorable way.


Any Mistakes comes out from any explanations are said to be "Humane" and in no way to be taken as fault of that Holy Book. Human population gathered in this way protect their Own Book because it is the superior most and the ultimate truth! HOW INSANE! Some religions are more persuasive to every part of human life saying it-s the Total Life Pattern for a human being!


Let's see what religions give us today. I think religions were very much helpful during our early stages of social development, those were put forward inevitably for the grater interest of Human population, though I pretty much doubt that it took less toll from our ancestors by promoting religious clash, hatred, war, making divisions to human society, dividing land and so on. It is scientists' point of view that our gene pull has reduced and continued reducing due to the religious divisions of Human population in any particular land. Hundreds of indigenous populations throughout the world are formed to become extinct. Now we have civil societies full of hatred and anger, suppression of one towards all other religions, severe political involvement of religion (how I wonder when I see that land is divided and countries nationalized for a particular religion!) locally, nationally and more astonishingly internationally! In any religion there are several subdivisions fighting with each other, throwing words towards each other, none of them believes any other religious themes! As if some aged child found religion as their playing toy, where the toy is overruling the children's behavior and protecting them from getting grown ups and become knowledgeable!


What kind of society should I prefer? A society where no religious difference may prevail, all Human being would be free in their thinking and reliable for their actions, they would be fearless of God, no Human being will be discriminated over religion, government empowerments will not rely upon religion, in fact no religion will survive anywhere in this Godless earth.


Welcome to My Den!